Thursday, November 15, 2012

Appeon Mobile Demo Video

Just a couple hour ago, I read Mr. Dave's tweet about Appeon Mobile Demo. It's very incredible product, so easy to deploy mobile application to multi platform operating system like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, with only single script (Powerscript in Powerbuilder).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WEChat Mobile Instant Messenger

When you heard Tencent, I believe many of you never heard this word. But try to ask Chinese people, you will surprise that they will more remember QQ ID than their own Social ID number.

Yes, QQ is one of the famous product from Tencent. Tencent is the biggest internet company in China, biggest number 3 in the world, after Google and Amazon. QQ is just one of more than 1000 other products. All of Tencent's products are mobile apps and internet related. From mail until messenger, from Social networking until online games.

One of their product that I will explore now is not QQ, but WeChat. What the different between QQ and WeChat? QQ is instant messenger which it running on PC based (Mac and Windows), otherwise WeChat is running in Mobile platform (Smartphone). QQ ID can used on WeChat.

Webcam with Powerbuilder

Going back to March 2012, someone call Grace posted the script in Powerbuilder about how to using webcam with Powerbuilder, powered by EZTW32.dll

So, I shared the file to all of you, who need also using webcam within Powerbuilder. I didn't her permission to share this, since I assume her already shared in the group. Anyway, thanks to Grace :)

Here's you can download the file: webcam powerbuilder.