Thursday, July 22, 2010

Network Printer Status is Unavailable

The error "Network Printer Status is Unavailable" usually happen when you install the "external" printer server which have more than 1 connectivity lines. For example, D-Link printer server is usually have USB and Parallel Port to connect to the printer.

When you setup the IP address to the printer server, for example, and connected to the printer via USB port, when user try to setup the printer via TCP/IP will get the error message that seem the printer is unconnected.

To solve this, do the steps below
  • View the Properties window of the printer
  • Click Ports tab
  • Select the port from the list, that connected to the printer
  • Click Configure Port button
  • Make sure the LPR option is selected (at the Protocol group area)
  • Fill the Queue Name (at LPR group area) with USB (if you use USB port), or LPT1 (if you use Parallel cable)
  • Click OK button
  • Try to print test page.

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