Monday, December 17, 2012

Appeon Mobile - Beta 1

Just read the first Chist Pollach's 48 hours of experiences using Appeon Mobile Beta 1 on his blog.

Appeon Mobile is the tool which it can migrate your current Powerbuilder application for Windows into Mobile Application and can run at many devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android devices, WITHOUT modifying any scripts inside. Pretty cool heh? :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Appeon Mobile Demo Video

Just a couple hour ago, I read Mr. Dave's tweet about Appeon Mobile Demo. It's very incredible product, so easy to deploy mobile application to multi platform operating system like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, with only single script (Powerscript in Powerbuilder).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WEChat Mobile Instant Messenger

When you heard Tencent, I believe many of you never heard this word. But try to ask Chinese people, you will surprise that they will more remember QQ ID than their own Social ID number.

Yes, QQ is one of the famous product from Tencent. Tencent is the biggest internet company in China, biggest number 3 in the world, after Google and Amazon. QQ is just one of more than 1000 other products. All of Tencent's products are mobile apps and internet related. From mail until messenger, from Social networking until online games.

One of their product that I will explore now is not QQ, but WeChat. What the different between QQ and WeChat? QQ is instant messenger which it running on PC based (Mac and Windows), otherwise WeChat is running in Mobile platform (Smartphone). QQ ID can used on WeChat.

Webcam with Powerbuilder

Going back to March 2012, someone call Grace posted the script in Powerbuilder about how to using webcam with Powerbuilder, powered by EZTW32.dll

So, I shared the file to all of you, who need also using webcam within Powerbuilder. I didn't her permission to share this, since I assume her already shared in the group. Anyway, thanks to Grace :)

Here's you can download the file: webcam powerbuilder.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire

This article, originally was published by Sharon Machlis at

Here's how the iPad Mini's announced tech specs stack up against popular 7-inch tablets from Google and Amazon. (Of course, while the specs are important, there's more to a tablet than a data sheet. Computerworld will have a hands-on review of the iPad Mini soon.) 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 35th, Atari 2600!

This article was posted by Chris Morris at in October 14th, 2012 for celebrating 35th anniversary of Atari 2600.

While Atari first burst onto the video game scene in 1972 with Pong, for many gamers, the company's lasting legacy will always be the Atari 2600.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Binary to Decimal function in Powerbuilder

This script below is the user function in Powerbuilder to convert Binary number into Decimal number.

Create function name: f_bintodec, set Integer as return value, and add sBin as parameter. sBin should be String type, and choose Value as Pass By.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Calling Web Service from Powerbuilder

On the last post, I explained how to make web service with Powerbuilder. This time I will explain how to access the web service via PowerBuilder. I am using the Classic version of PowerBuilder 12.5.

The scenario is you have a windows application created with PowerBuilder and you want to access a web service over the internet within the Powerbuilder application.

All you need is certainly a web service that is ready to use. You can get it for free on the internet, or create your own web service. In this example I will create a self service web applications using Visual Studio 2008 and run. NET framework 3.5. In the web service, there is a function that we named of_add2value which serves to add 2 numbers through which we put on the parameters of these functions.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picture Control on Grid Datawindow

Anvil-of-time, one of my colleague, expert on Powerbuilder programming, share to us how to using picture control on Grid Datawindow. One of importing feature on grid datawindow is capability to re-size the column width in user side, like what you have see on Microsoft Excel.

And because of re-size feature, when we put the picture control inside the grid datawindow, when we do the column resizing, the picture will stretched following the size of the column.
(c) Anvil-of-time

Let's take a look of the full article of the tips and trick how to using picture control in grid datawindow, by clicking here

Friday, June 15, 2012

PowerBuilder 15 Classic Sneak Preview

Seem, that Sybase will jump directly from 12 into 15 for Powerbuilder.

Frederick Koh explains one of the feature in version 15 for WindowType value called: mdidock! and mdidockhelp! for the window object. Like values mdi! and mdihelp!, respectively, they allow child windows (sheets) to be opened with the OpenSheet functions. But these sheets will behave differently: they can dock, float and be tabbed like the windows you see in our PB.NET IDE. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Transparent Mobile Phone

Do you believe that the following phone is real and you can get with only $60 ?

This phone is categorized as cheap mobile phone, made in China phone, or some people say Feature or Basic phone, or even MTK phone (following the chipset inside the phone).

Friday, April 27, 2012

IPA file location

For whom has jailbreak-ed iPad / iPhone / iPad, when you using Installous and downloading some IPA file from their site, and want to share to the other devices, you can find var/private/documents/installous directory by using iFile to share.

Send to other devices and put at the same directory. Open Installaous, tap Download, then tap Install.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Appeon Mobile ?

Just got the invitation from Powerbuilider TV. Interesting topic, about Appeon Mobile. Can't wait for the product, since I always facing difficulties to build the mobile application with Powerbuilder

Tuesday May 15th 2012
at 11:00 AM EST (New York) - 17h00 CET (Paris)

Appeon Mobile Sneak Peek
The first-ever mobility solution for the PowerBuilder community

Monday, April 9, 2012

QQ Browser Download

After I wrote about the QQ Browser review, now you can download for almost of all mobile OS by clicking here.

Now is support for Blackberry !!! And also support Bahasa Indonesia.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Qute Messenger

In addition to QQ Browser, Tencent also issued other products. This time is a messenger application for mobile devices called Qute Messenger.

Qute appear slightly different than the other messenger application. At other times only one another platform (like the Blackberry messenger), or "multi-platform" such as Yahoo Messenger and WhatsApp, Qute really come up with Real Multi-platform. Why is it called real multi-platform? Because it can run on ALL platforms, even the platform on cheap mobile devices or basic / feature phone.

Monday, March 5, 2012

QQ Browser for Mobile Devices

Are You frequently surf the Internet with your mobile phone? If so, you may be familiar with the name of the browser Opera Mini. Yes, Opera Mini is a browser for mobile phones are extremely popular.

Now there is another alternative for you who like to surf with your mobile device. QQ Browser from Tencent.

QQ Browser is a browser that is devoted to your mobile device or tablet device. QQ Browser, is a product of Tencent, the largest internet company  in China. Hundreds of millions of users already reached. Especially for the version of Android, has been downloaded more than 300 million users (according to statistics the Android Market)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Powerbuilder Datastore

Basicly, DataStore is a nonvisual DataWindow control.

DataStores act just like DataWindow controls except that many of the visual properties associated with DataWindow controls do not apply to DataStores. However, because you can print DataStores, PowerBuilder provides some events and functions for DataStores that pertain to the visual presentation of the data.

Why and when DataStore is used?
We use the datastore, if we want to work with the data in datawindow, but only at the background. User doesn't need to see the data itself. Yes, indeed, we can use datawindow also to do that, with disable in the visible property. But, it's mean you need to insert the database control on your application, and also means that the control will always in the memory as long as the application is running. With the datastore, you just need to create the control when is needed, and can be destroyed when no longer needed.

Creating Datastore
First of all, you need the datawindow object. Create the datawindow object, and named as "d_mydatawindow".

1:  // declare the variable  
2:  DataStore dsMyDataStore  
4:  // create the control  
5:  dsMyDataStore = Create DataStore  
7:  // assign the datawindow object to datastore  
8:  dsMyDataStore.DataObject = "d_mydatawindow"  
10:  // bind the data  
11:  dsMyDataStore.SetTransObject(SQLCA)  
12:  dsMyDataStore.Retrieve()  
14:  // script to process the datastore control, same treatment like datawindow control except the visual functions or properties.  
15:  .....  
17:  // destroy datastore  
18:  DESTROY myDataStore  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to get screen resolution with Powerbuilder

This is the "old" trick, to get the screen resolution.

I'm using Powerbuilder reserved function, call GetEnvironment, which it can be used for another purpose beside screen resolution.

First of all, we must create a ENVIRONMENT variable like below
1:  environment myEnv  

Then we use GetEnvironment function to get the data(s).
1:  GetEnvironment(myEnv)  

Finally, we retrieve all the Environment objects, depending what kind of information do you need. For this case, I want to show how to get the screen resolution:

1:  messagebox("Screen Resolution",String(myEnv.ScreenWidth) + "x" + String(myEnv.ScreenHeight))  

For the complete Environment Object, you can search the Powerbuilder Help, or see the list below.

Environment property Datatype Description
CharSet CharSet (enumerated) The international character set used by PowerBuilder. Values include:
  • CharSetAnsi!
  • CharSetUnicode!
  • CharSetDBCS!
  • CharSetDBCSJapanese!
The values CharSetAnsiArabic! and CharSetAnsiHebrew! are not valid choices in PowerBuilder 6 or later.

ClassDefinition PowerObject An object of type PowerObject containing information about the class definition of the object or control.

CPUType CPUTypes (enumerated) The type of CPU. For a complete list of CPUTypes values, see the Enumerated tab of the Browser.

Language LanguageID
Specifies the value of the language setting for the machine. For a complete list of LanguageID values, see the Enumerated tab of the Browser.

MachineCode Boolean Specifies whether the application executable is machine code (compiled). Values are:
  • TRUE – Executable is machine code.
  • FALSE – Executable is not machine code (pseudo-code).
OSFixesRevision Integer The maintenance version of the operating system.

OSMajorRevision Integer The major version of the operating system. For example, this value would be 4 for Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT 4.x, 5 for Windows 2000, XP, or 2003, and 6 for Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7.

OSMinorRevision Integer The point release of the operating system. For example, this value would be 0 for Windows Server 2008 and Vista, 1 for Windows XP or Windows 7, 2 for Windows Server 2003 and 64-bit XP, and 10 for SunOS 5.10 (Solaris 10).

PBBuildNumber Integer The build number of this version of PowerBuilder.

PBFixesRevision Integer The maintenance version of PowerBuilder.

PBMajorRevision Integer The major version of PowerBuilder.

PBMinorRevision Integer The point release of PowerBuilder.

NumberOfColors LongLong Number of colors on the screen.

ScreenHeight Long Height of the screen in pixels.

ScreenWidth Long Width of the screen in pixels.

OSType OSTypes (enumerated) Operating system or environment. For a complete list of OSType values, see the Enumerated tab of the Browser.

PBType PBTypes (enumerated) Version of the PowerBuilder product. For a complete list of PBType values, see the Enumerated tab of the Browser.

Win16 (obsolete) Boolean Indicates the type of the operating system in which the application executable is running. Values are:
  • TRUE – Executable is running under a 16-bit operating system.
  • FALSE – Executable is running under a 32-bit operating system.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working with PBR file

When you create or build an application, sometimes you need to add external resource like image, sound or even non standard font.

In Powerbuilder, you have 2 options when you have external resource files.

  1. You always have to copy all the external resource files (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.wav etc) into the client computer, as well as concurrent when you copy your application (*.exe , *.dll files).
  2. You combine all the necessary external files into your application, so you no longer need to copy the files.

The first option has some minus points, example: user can delete by themself the external files. The application may still running, but in some parts, the image will blank.

The second option is not without value minus. The consequence is the application file will be very large. But it would be safer because at least the user can not arbitrarily remove its files.

To implement the second option, Sybase has provided a facility to handle this problem. By using the PBR (Powerbuilder Resource) file, we can put all the file names, along with a complete path, into the application.

Make a PBR file using the Edit menu, and save the file name with extention PBR.

Do not forget to include it in the PBR file in your project, in the Resource file name.

Put your PBR file in your project

All files listed in the PBR list, will automatically be compiled and incorporated into the application file, so you no longer need to copy it to every computer user.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WMI Win32_PhysicalMedia table structure

For all of you who need the Win32_PhysicalMedia table structure, here is the list.

Win32_PhysicalMedia is a build in class in Windows, which store all the information about Drive (Hard drive, Removable Drive, etc). It is a part of WMI.

With this class you can retrieve all the information about your drive, like Serial Number.