Monday, March 5, 2012

QQ Browser for Mobile Devices

Are You frequently surf the Internet with your mobile phone? If so, you may be familiar with the name of the browser Opera Mini. Yes, Opera Mini is a browser for mobile phones are extremely popular.

Now there is another alternative for you who like to surf with your mobile device. QQ Browser from Tencent.

QQ Browser is a browser that is devoted to your mobile device or tablet device. QQ Browser, is a product of Tencent, the largest internet company  in China. Hundreds of millions of users already reached. Especially for the version of Android, has been downloaded more than 300 million users (according to statistics the Android Market)

With the tag line, Browsing Fun, Fun Life, QQ Browser is absolutely free, and can be installed on various platforms besides Android, such as Java, Symbian, IOS even for cheap mobile phones (known as MTK-Phone because most use the MTK chipset).

The main advantages are its speed in to download content from a website. In addition to the matter of speed, also the quality data compression is performed when a website accessible through the QQ browser. With the technology owned by QQ Browser, compressed data is sent in advance, so it is very small when sent or received. This is very helpful in terms of cost savings especially for users who do not have unlimited data plan facilities for their cell phone. With this compression technology as well, will be safe, because the data does not necessarily easy to read.

The last thing is the existence of localization in terms of language / user interface and its default content. Already some of the supported languages ​​other than Chinese and English, like Indonesian and  Vietnamese.

You can download the latest version of the QQ Browser on Android Market, AppStore, Safari, Ovi Store, or some download website who provide the applications to download.

Now supported Blackberry. Click here for download.

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