Thursday, April 5, 2012

Qute Messenger

In addition to QQ Browser, Tencent also issued other products. This time is a messenger application for mobile devices called Qute Messenger.

Qute appear slightly different than the other messenger application. At other times only one another platform (like the Blackberry messenger), or "multi-platform" such as Yahoo Messenger and WhatsApp, Qute really come up with Real Multi-platform. Why is it called real multi-platform? Because it can run on ALL platforms, even the platform on cheap mobile devices or basic / feature phone.

Qute Messenger on Basic / Feature Phone

Another difference is the ability to send voice messages. They named it Press / Push to talk. You just press a button and start talking. When finished, release the button, and the sound will be recorded and sent to the other person.

Another feature is Doodle. Yes, if you have a mobile device features touch screen, you can draw with the touch of your finger, and send it to your friends.

Tencent seems to target the users of this Qute for young people. This is proven by a complete emoticon facilities. With the default emoticons that funny and adorable, user are also given the facility to upload their own emoticon you like, you could even setup your own shortcut for the emoticon you. A facility that is rarely found in any messenger application.

Facility that is no less important is the backup and restore features of contact. This feature allows you to backup the contact list in your phonebook, into the cloud. Then restore it if necessary. This feature works between mobile phones. So you do not need to enter again in any mobile devices, if you have more than one. And incredibly, all done without the help of a PC.


  1. dear sir?madam i m useing qute messenger for mysamsung waves5253
    but i m notgeting verifycode on my
    sokindly help me for it toactive it
    send me the verify code on my number_+917569019243,
    or on my id

  2. Sorry, I'm afraid if can work well on waves, since I think not supported yet for that O/S (Bada)