Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WMI Win32_PhysicalMedia table structure

For all of you who need the Win32_PhysicalMedia table structure, here is the list.

Win32_PhysicalMedia is a build in class in Windows, which store all the information about Drive (Hard drive, Removable Drive, etc). It is a part of WMI.

With this class you can retrieve all the information about your drive, like Serial Number.

1:  string  Caption;  
2:  string  Description;  
3:  datetime InstallDate;  
4:  string  Name;  
5:  string  Status;  
6:  string  CreationClassName;  
7:  string  Manufacturer;  
8:  string  Model;  
9:  string  SKU;  
10:  string  SerialNumber = NULL;  
11:  string  Tag = NULL;  
12:  string  Version;  
13:  string  PartNumber;  
14:  string  OtherIdentifyingInfo;  
15:  boolean PoweredOn;  
16:  boolean Removable;  
17:  boolean Replaceable;  
18:  boolean HotSwappable;  
19:  uint64  Capacity;  
20:  uint16  MediaType;  
21:  string  MediaDescription;  
22:  boolean WriteProtectOn;  
23:  boolean CleanerMedia;  

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