Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New features in Powerbuilder 12.1

In 21 Sept 2010, Sybase launched the EBF for Powerbuilder version 12 with 12.1 as the minor version.

According to PowerbuilderTV.Com, there are some new features in version 12.1 such :

  • XAML Editor Enhancements
  • 3rd Party Control Support
  • OLE Control Support in WPF Application
  • WPF DW RightToLeft Enhancements 

But still there are some limitations like
  • No support for dynamically creating OLE controls in PowerScript
  • No support for saving and retrieving the structure storage of an OLE control
  • Must install .NET framework SDK 2.0 or later before you migrate OLE controls to WPF
For detail, visit this link to see the complete video. The duration is about 40 minutes. And you can download the version 12.1 EBF file from Sybase official download site

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