Friday, January 14, 2011

[Updated] Toshiba Folio AS100 Short Review

My last post about Toshiba Folio AS100 review said that the camera quality is poor. Now I want to make a correction that the camera quality is fair for 1,3 MB resolution. All because my boss put the screen protector which block the webcam.

When I tried to remove the screen protector, the camera work well with the fair quality.

Also I have more times to try the Folio. Since the Toshiba doesn't provide the Android Market application yet (confirmed by the Toshiba, but they said they will launch the Android Market for the Folio somewhere in January 2011), you can try to download the applications with the 3rd party applications like Camangi Market or via

I've tried to install some games and Youtube viewer, some of them work well, some are not.

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