Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Accessing Youku outside of China

Are you a huge fans of Chinese, Korean, Japanese movies or TV serial? I'm sure you already knew Youku!!!

Youku is the biggest online streaming movies provider from China. Many movies, from west to east, are available inside youku, and you can watch them with FREE, as long as you are in China territory. Means that you have living in China, since Youku will detect your IP address.

Youku also made an application for iPhone or iPad and already available at iTunes store for free. You can download and see the list of their movies inside the apps, but when you are not in China and try to watch streaming, you will getting an error message.

With a little trick, now you can watch the movie from Youku with iPhone or iPad, even you are not in China.

First, you have to download the apps from iTunes store. Just download by searching Youku as the keyword.

Download Youku from iTunes

Second step is you have to change the HTTP proxy. Open Settings icon on your iPad / iPhone, choose Wi-Fi, then click the Access Point which you was connected. At the HTTP proxy, click the Auto tab, and type at the URL column:

Change your HTTP Proxy to Auto
To make sure that your IP has been changed, open your Safari browser and type this following URL:

If the result is "true" is mean you did it successfully.

Now open the Youku application, try to find the movie that you want to watch, sit and relax enjoying the movie.

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