Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Powerbuilder with MySQL Database

One of the easiest way to connect to MySQL DB from Powerbuilder is thru ODBC connection. You have to install latest version of MySQL ODBC Driver  from their official site: Download the 32 bits version

Monday, December 19, 2016

SQL Server TRIM Function

I always wondering, why do I have to create my own TRIM function  in SQL Server, all this time. Even the self made TRIM function is simple to be done, but still looks silly when others have the build in function.

But don't worry, the new version of SQL Server (code name SQL Server vNext), adding the TRIM function as build in function, finally...

Beside the TRIM function, another build in functions are CONCAT_WS and TRANSLATE, based on this article.

The latest version SQL Server vNEXT is CTP 1.1 by this December. You can read the full features by clicking this link, as well as download the CTP version