Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to disassembly Toshiba Portege M900 - Part 10

Remove Display Assembly
To remove the DISPLAY ASSEMBLY, the Left, Right speakers and the LAN board has to be removed first.

Remove Left Speaker
a. Remove grounding screw F2 and unroute the LCD harness and Webcam cable

b. Remove 3pc x F2L screws from speaker. Take not of the rubber cushion on side speaker.

Remove Right speaker and LAN board

c. Remove 2pcs x F5 screw to remove the metal bracket and LAN board.

d. Remove 3pcs x F2L screws

Remove Display Assembly
e. Remove 3pcs of F5 screws for Left LCD hinge

f. Remove 3pcs of F5 screws for Right LCD hinge

The F5 screw used for LCD hinge is different from those used for BASE ASSY or LAN Board

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