Friday, October 8, 2010

Rumor: Microsoft will buy Adobe

Adobe Systems Inc. stock price on Thursday (10/07/2010) New York time listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, had jumped 17 percent to 30 dollars per share before closing at 28.69 dollars per share. Speculation that Microsoft may acquire Adobe's stock price surge triggers the software maker (software) this.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that privately, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been met with Adobe CEO Narayen Chantanu at Adobe offices in San Francisco recently.

Reportedly, the two talk about the dominance of Apple Inc. in the mobile phone industry and various options to deal with it. According to several employees and consultants involved in the discussion, one of the options they are talking about is the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Adobe.

If it does occur, by referring to Adobe's stock price in the market today, the acquisition price could reach about 15 billion U.S. dollars. This action also will be one of Microsoft's most aggressive step to master the Internet and mobile media markets platform.

With the acquisition of Adobe, Microsoft will master the Flash Player software that is very popular. Now, software has become one of the software required a website to display video and pictures.

Analysts on Wall Street rate, the news of this acquisition makes perfect sense. Because, in this way, Microsoft can integrate graphics and video capabilities in software application Adobe mobile phone or tablet computer product. In this way, the possibility of Microsoft has the opportunity to be able to offset the dominance of Apple's iPhone and iPad fib.

Not too surprising as well if Adobe accept Microsoft's proposal. Because, during Apple CEO Steve Jobs is always criticizing the quality of Flash Player. In fact, he did not recommend that software developers use Flash on the iPhone and iPad.

"Very possibly. It could be a case of so-called enemy of my enemy is my friend. Microsoft and Adobe have a common enemy," said Toan Tran, Morningstar analyst, told Reuters.

However, until now, the good management of both Microsoft and Adobe is not willing to comment on this news.

Notes only, in fact, Microsoft already has a media player on a web platform called Silverlight that compete directly with Flash. However, this product is not too successful with users.

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